About Us



INVENTING MINDS was conceived to give education and learning a new dimension. We endeavour to open the floodgates of imagination through reasoning. For we need Inventors – and not Imitators.

Motivational Speaker In Chennai Hyderabad Secunderabad | Inventing MindsIn this fast evolving world, transformational progress can only be achieved through innovative thinking, new ideas and ground-breaking discoveries. Higher education, coveted academic degrees and knowledge are meaningless unless we are able to make significant contribution to our areas of study by identifying newer opportunities and giving shape to more advanced systems and procedures.

Unfortunately, students today prefer degrees over learning, imitation over innovation, stereo-type jobs over challenging roles and creative performance opportunities. What academicians need to realize is static knowledge has no value in a progressive society that aspires for higher and higher standards of living.


INVENTING MINDS endeavours to break this pattern and inculcate inquisitive mind, innovative thinking and interdisciplinary learning among students and professionals. For nurturing imagination can take us to a world of thrilling breakthroughs – in almost every walk of life.

We offer interactive Workshops and Individual Mentoring Sessions to analyze and guide minds on how to question existing systems for a better evolving world. Our uniquely designed modules include interesting mental exercises, strategic suggestions and hidden hints. The importance of exploring new zones and questioning different phenomena are all that give you the most desirable Inventing Minds.


Apart from Workshops and Mentoring programmes, we also offer Career Counselling to students as well as professionals, edit Resume, write Professional Profiles for individuals on web media like Linkedin, Facebook, corporate websites etc.

INVENTING MINDS is a career development platform, where our primary aim is to transform profiles through the most appropriate academic and professional guidance as also portraying the best picture of our clients in resume and personal presentation, highlighting their progressive attitude and innovative thinking.

Copy Writing is one more important offering from us. We say - Your brand equity is our word’s worth!