The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Corporates can invite us for holding Workshops On Innovative Thinking in their campuses, as Innovation is the key word for any individual or an organization aspiring to grow.

The Art of Science
The applications of innovation are not restricted to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics alone. Neither do organizations having Research & Development teams only require new findings. Unique thinking methods are essential to bring about positive changes in any field for optimization, improvement and invention. Interestingly, science can surely be pursued as an art, and arts be understood through the logic of science! For, in an era of convergence, several such distinctions have virtually blurred.

Integrated Thinking
Discovery and invention are not always accomplished through a focussed academic approach in a specific direction. Breakthroughs in scientific endeavours often come through an amalgamation of ideas cutting across multiple areas, as there are a number of similarities in the fundamental principles of different theories.

Philosophy & Science
While established academic theories are the basis for research, we need to realize an element of logical and also abstract thinking that exists in our minds. The former, no doubt, is the naturally acceptable ‘reasoning’ justification – and therefore, must be adhered to. But we need to move beyond conventional methods, and add intangible thought processes in our eternal search for new answers. For that we need to build a philosopher’s mind and integrate thinking with that of a researcher in science. Our Workshop unravels how holistic thinking can bring about new solutions in an integrated manner, which may not materialize unless we build a broader perception.

Looking For New Answers

Our primary objective must be to constantly look for new answers in each and every phenomenon we witness and experience. In this journey of discovery, even challenging established theories should not deter us. For we must remember, progress is achieved only through reaching a new milestone and leaving behind the existing one.

In short, our unique training program with simple examples can transform people the way they observe, think and learn.