The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



We are driven by strong values, and being in the business of building careers, identify ourselves with those who seek our assistance. For students who trust us with their own future, we reciprocate them with conviction, as if it were our own – and dedicate all our efforts to ensure that they receive even more than what we would have done for ourselves!

The Code of Ethics sets out fundamental values and principles to drive us towards fulfilling the following moral obligations with genuine intent: -


True Advisor
As Educational Consultants, our primary commitment is to offer honest & genuine guidance keeping in mind that the quality of service and integrity of advice are the most important criteria to secure the future of our clients. So we are ethically aware and morally conscious of our duties and responsibilities.

Satisfaction Assurance
Just because we receive the payment in advance, that does not mean we would deliver services that is not up to the highest levels of competence. Much more than the satisfaction level of students, we ensure it has been approved by our team too. Otherwise we withhold the same for further improvement to ensure we have morally safeguarded the interests of clients.


No Gimmicks, No False Hype
Quality of work is important for us rather than building false hypes that our team comprises members who have studied in some of the best universities of the world. Nor do we charge astronomical rates painting fancy pictures or portraying false hopes. Affordability and excellence are the key concerns for us.

No Hidden Charges
Our pricing is very transparent, and clients are explained in details of inclusions & exclusions of services before they sign-up. It is our endeavour to make sure students don’t feel later they are being made to bear the burden of hidden charges.