The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Educational Institutions can invite us for holding Workshops On Innovative Thinking at their campuses, as Innovation is the key word for any individual or an organization aspiring to emerge as a trendsetter.

Secrets Beyond The Curriculum
We offer academic establishments new teaching strategies, while introducing innovative thinking techniques among students. Our programme is for both academicians and learners – teachers are apprised of how to make education more interactive and interesting by using tools to make the knowlede gaining process a thrilling game, and students learn how to thinking creatively to develop new applications, instead of just mastering the curriculum.

Copy To Create
What is surprising is – why do we have so few Indian nobel laureates in science & technology, in spite of our scientists being top researchers and professors in universities across the globe? The answer is simple – Our education system encourages students to copy and not to create – so notwithstanding their brilliance, they end up as bookish learners without the drive or desire to innovate.

Addressing Critical Challenges
INVENTING MINDS intends to address this criticial problem. Our Workshops with exciting exercises, simple suggestions and hidden hints would show how our students and scientists can question, probe, find and discover new answers for the betterment of humanity.