The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



At Inventing Minds, the motto is – Life Is About Learning To Innovate!

Intrinsic Learning
Hence, acquiring knowledge and enhancing new skillsets are our priorities, but without using jargons and fancied concepts in nicely designed formats. For our goal is to progress, and not just limit ourselves to the charm of cosmetic beauty. As wisdom says, superficial understanding has little real value, the focus should be on instrinsic learning in an unconventional manner.

Simple Thinking
We believe many new solutions and answers to existing challenges lie in simple thinking and ordinary ideas, which if pursued innovatively can result in extra-ordinary breakthroughs. Thus we urge people to shed jargons and take a deeper view within simplistic phenomena.

Our methodology draws its origin from some of the common activities one experiences in day to day life. Participants would realize how unique thinking techniques can drastically change the way we perceive the world, and how that can bring about innovation in multiple zones.


The key to building Inventing Minds is brainstorming. Unless we think, where do we get ideas from?

Experiential Games
Work turns into a fascinating game only when we passionately explore in search of a new outcome through a series of diverse experiments.

Diverse Discussions
It is diverse ideas which lead to Innovation.

Simple Suggestions
Ordinary thoughts result in an extra-ordinary outcome.

Exciting Exercises
Mind exercises on simple phenomena would thrill everybody in surprise with as much meaningful learning embedded in them.

Hidden Hints
Solutions can often be unearthed with minor hints from existing processes. So we look for those hidden elements.


Your Hidden Potential
Our Mentoring Programs & Workshops unravel the real secrets behind an individual’s ability to achieve academic brilliance and professional excellence. We explore the hidden potential of education, knowledge and learning beyond books and academic practices to discover those unseen answers.

We unearth your hidden potential!

Imagination of Change
Whether you are a high school or college student, scholar, scientist or non-scientist, or a young professional aspiring to be the highest achiever in your respective field – Inventing Minds shows you the way. Be whatever your discipline, our guidelines on innovative and imaginative thinking will enable you to perform better because you would acquire a broader vision. When applied to subjects of one’s area, it enables the participants to put into practice inter-disciplinary learning to achieve newer breakthroughs.


Following are our answers to thought provoking questions, which we would analyze in depth, in our programs:-

Why Academic Brilliance Need Not Always Translate Into Professional Excellence?
Academics Is Theoretical Knowledge, But Professional Excellence Is Innovative Practice.

Can Ordinary Students Deliver Extra-ordinary Results?
Yes, they can. No Student Is Less Meritorious Or More Intelligent – The Way They Perceive Makes All The Difference.

What Are The Secrets of Top Professional Performers?
Innovative Thinking Gives Them Unique Analytical Abilities.

Can Exciting Exercises, Strategic Suggestions & Hidden Hints Change The Way You Think?
Yes, Our Workshops & Mentoring Programs Reveal All These Secrets.


Is Education A Boring Exercise Or A Lively Game?
Education Is A Thrilling Game, And Not Boring Academics, If Pursued Innovatively.

Are Academic Toppers Followers Or Trend Setters?
Most Of The Academic Toppers End Up As Followers.

Are Books The Best Source Of Learning?
Definitely Not! Books Only Support The Learning System.

Do Philosophy & Literature Give Us Scientific Thinking?
Yes, Higher Levels Of Philosophical & Literary Thinking Are Embedded In Scientific Logic.

How Do We Acquire Wisdom?
By Thinking Deep And Wide, With Thoughts That Are Wild And Bizarre.