The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Crying Aspirations
Parents give birth to a new life with thrilling hopes in their hearts and crying aspirations in their eyes. Thus, they leave no stone unturned to see the child grows up as the ‘dream individual’, climbing the heights of success and acclaim.

Reason For Unfulfilled DreamsTowards this aim in mind, parents try to give them the best education and other support services to ensure things go on track. But most often the dreams remain unfulfilled. The primary reason of failure is because students lack proper guidance as both parents and teachers are rudderless in directing students in the proper road of education and success.

Our Role
We aim to bridge this gap with proper mentoring programmes for parents, who can in turn guide their children for a better academic performance. However, these are simple dos and donts from us – which can open up the thinking of school goers.

Ideas Hunting
Formulae crunching is what ails our education system – our approach is to replace it by inquisitive thinking and ideas hunting. It is imaginative thinking with curiosity that makes education interesting and inspiring for students, who then pursue studies with ‘self-motivated learning.’

Education Is A Thrilling Game
We demonstrate how to make education a thrilling game and not a boring exercise!!

Thus, we are Inventing Minds!!