The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Career Dreams
The dream of every professional is to be in the top performing league. However, most aspirants fail to realize their goals, even though they may be academically brilliant, hard working or talented.

When HR Experts Fail
We ask a simple question - Are all doctors, engineers, MBAs from India's best Institutes the highest achievers in their respective fields? Often many candidates with ordinary academic background perform far better than those with coveted degrees. And even Human Resource professionals have no answer as to why this happens.

The Path Of Excellence
Our Workshops on Innovative Thinking address the drawbacks which prevent many individuals with instrinsic potential to emerge as outstanding achievers. We believe only an innovative approach can make one stand out in the crowd. Even ordinary candidates can turn extra-ordinary with out of box thinking! Our primary purpose is to demonstrate how with simple exercises, examples, suggestions and hints one can inculcate Inventing Minds for achieving professional excellence.