The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Our Offerings
We Mentor and also hold Workshops On Innovative Thinking for students.

For those below the age of 18, we mentor them individually, while others can attend our workshops or counselling sessions.

Value Addition
The essence of education should not be just to learn but also add a new dimension to the new knowledge acquired. Without value addition to whatever we do, it is meaningless, as we can’t take forward our subject to newer levels. This is only possible with innovation – and innovative thinking can bring about the desired results. Even thinking of simple phenomena can bring about extra-ordinary results – Issac Newton’s story of why did the apple fall is a case in point. No doubt, societies would stagnate if we don’t keep thinking of new solutions.

Finding New Answers
Students need to think, question, probe and find new answers in every phenomena that they come across – from academic curricullum to whatever they see around them. Otherwise, we just end up as followers and not trendsetters.

Or in other words, learning to create something new is the need of the hour – as against the present trend of copying existing technologies. This proves why there are so few Nobel laureates among Indians in Science & Technology, in spite of our scientists and professors holding top positions in universities worldwide. For we need innovators, and not imitators!

Changing The Learning System
The more you think, the less one has to memorize. We show how learning can be made interesting, interactive and inspiring – rather than following a bookish approach of memorizing theories.

This is a 6-8 hours program through Skype and Gtalk, where we train students how to think innovatively.

For we need inventors, and not imitators!