The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination - Sir Albert Einstein.



Changing Rote Learning
What plagues the Indian education system is – we follow rote learning where memory is given precedence over critical thinking. While memorizing formulae and bookish theories earn good marks and grades, it essentially takes away Inventing Minds from students.

Encouraging To Questions & Probe
Subjects are taught and theories explained – but often one crucial element remains missing in the process of teaching – encouraging students to question and probe their subject matter and discover new solutions. Thus most learners turn out to be imitators but not inventors. This explains why we have so few nobel laureates in science & technology, in spite of Indians occupying several top academic positions worldwide.

The Art of Teaching
At INVENTING MINDS, our aim is to transform this system. The essence of an ideal teacher is to be the guide of students – where the role of mentoring is far more crucial than explaining the course curriculum. Teaching is not just the art of explaining topics and transmitting knowledge to students – understanding the minds of the learners in order to enable them develop creative imagination for creating new solutions is essential.

Transforming Ordinary Students Into Extra-Ordinary
Another crucial role teachers can play is to turnaround students from ordinary to extra-ordinary – this can be achieved by nurturing minds in a playfully academic manner. We need to realize that almost every child would love to play games rather than studying academic books. Thus the biggest challenge before the teaching community is to generate interest for studies among young minds. If so is the scenario, then why not transform education into a thrilling game from a boring exercise. Once we achieve this, half of our battle is won, as interest can be generated and talent harnessed among all learners and not on a select group of so-called ‘bright students'.

How We Change
Our Workshop explains how teaching can be made interactive and interesting, with students enjoying every bit of education as a thrilling game and not a boring exercise!